Is NoNo Hair Removal a good choice for excess facial hair?

     Have you been dealing with excess facial hair for a long time? Have you tried many different products but have not been happy with most of them?

If so, NoNo Hair Removal may be something you should look at next. After all, not only is it getting great reviews from thousands of people, it really does seem to work well.


What is NoNo Hair Removal? -- It is a device that kills the excess hair at the root by zapping it with a small electric charge. Over time, the longer you use it, the less the hair grows back. Eventually it will not grow back at all and your face will then be excess hair free.


Does it really work? -- There are thousands of reviews by women all over the world that have used NoNo Hair Removal with great success. With so many women reporting how much they loved the device, it is very likely that it does work well.


How long does it take for the hair to stop growing? -- Every one is different as everyone's hair grows differently, is different colors and, of course, different thicknesses.


Many women report that they noticed a difference in hair texture after using the NoNo Hair Removal just a few times. The longer they used it the finer their excess hair got until eventually it stopped growing completely.


Is it a good choice for everyone? -- The only women who say they did not get as good a result as they would have liked are the ones that have very fine, very light hair.


That being said, some women with light hair are still using it with great effect, so it really is up to you and how your own hair reacts.